Ginger Killed In M.I.A.’s ‘Born Free’ Video Harassed By TMZ, Confirms Video Wasn’t Real

    There’s been a mini-controversy arising over M.I.A.’s “Born Free” video with parents everywhere wondering aloud about its violence. That’s understandable, since that’s what parents do. But TMZ took the search for explanation of the video a step further than most respectful humans would* by finding the kid who catches a bullet in the dome in the clip and asking him what he thought of it. His answer is reasonable and very cute:


    “I think she was trying to show violence to end violence,” he told He added: “The video is definitely not for kids – I haven’t even seen the full video myself – but for all the adults and people in different countries who are doing that in real life… doing the genocides to whatever: Italians, Africans, wherever it’s from, it’s still genocide. So it’s showing violence to end violence.”


    The little fella hasn’t even seen the clip, and TMZ wants him to explain how feels about it? Weak. How about we all go back to talking about how whether sampling Suicide is an aesthetically pleasing choice? Cool with you?


    *- I just accidentally explained TMZ’s entire modus operandi there, didn’t I?