Gigwise picks the 50 weirdest album covers

    As a part of their goal to make a list about everything ever pertaining to music, Gigwise have picked the 50 weirdest album covers ever. Their number one? An album by some band called Gong. (My weirdest pick is pictured here, it’s for a band from Birmingham called the Handomse Beasts.)

    A lot of the picks here aren’t “weird” per se, it’s more like the covers are so terrible they can’t even be considered in Gigwise’s worst album covers ever list. Most of the covers seem to be victim of someone who just learned how to crop people and objects in and out of Photoshop and decided a cow, Siamese twins, and a naked man would be hilarious on an album cover.

    Some of the picks are kind of obvious, like two Butthole Surfers album, Bjork’s Volta, and Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals. But I can’t even find those weird anymore, they’re kind of just what you’d expect from those bands.
    Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy made this list as well, which was a pick I didn’t see coming, but I do remember being slightly embarrassed to have that poster in my room growing up, so it makes sense.

    What do you think? [Gigwise]