Gigwise lists the top fifty guitar heroes of all time

    Boy, Robert Johnson must feel like an idiot. He sold his soul to the devil, and still only ended up  at number eight on the Gigwise list of the fifty greatest guitarists of all time. Number one, predictably, is Jimi Hendrix. He’s joined in the top five by Jimmy Page, B.B. King, Keith Richards, and Kirk Hammett of Metallica. Eric Clapton, who has long been a de facto number two when this discussion occurs at Guitar Centers across the country, came in at sixth place.


    The best of the rest is filled with the usual suspects such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Vai, and Carlos Santana. Surfing With the Alien axeman Joe Satriani also makes the list. His picture bears an astonishing resemblance to Verne Troyer. Though the editors obviously put a lot of work into this list, trying to quantify something like guitar playing is obviously a losing proposition. Guitar rock is not about winning. It’s about expression, and the work of these artists cannot be put in muneric order. Plus any list of guitarists not including Yngwie Malmsteen is pretty much bullshit anyway. [Gigwise]