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'Gifs of Popular Rappers' is the Best Gifs Themed Website


The trend for constructing entire blogs out of brief looping gif images is spreading like a rash—and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Film fans should find much to love in the excellent Three Frames, which is occasionally NSFW and is an exact embodiment of the name of the site (ie. three frames from a movie isolated and playing endlessly).


In the music world, Gifs of Popular Rappers serves a similar purpose. It’s a bunch of endlessly looping gifs of (you guessed it) popular rappers, which has become notorious in a very short space of time. Even Aziz Ansari has been pimping it on Twitter. So, here’s the site, and now tell us which one is your favorite? Here's one of ours:


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Those are sweet. I like that they're not necessarily all flattering. Wayne looks pretty geeked out in the one posted two weeks ago.

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