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Ghostface Dropping New LP, 'The Apollo Kids,' Dec. 14

It would figure that this news would be released several hours after I read an interview with Ghostface wherein he said he was working on two albums -- Blue & Cream and Supreme Clientele 2. He didn't reveal anything beyond the album titles, but it appeared that he was at least somewhat close to finishing up Blue & Cream. But then, a mere three hours later, he took to Twitter to announce a completely different album, The Apollo Kids, will be released Dec. 14. Further details on this project are unknown but here are some guesses:


1 - It's not a real new album but a best-of compilation.

2 - It's another record where he showcases the work of his close pals, kind of like what we heard on More Fish.

3 - It's actually a brand new album from Ghostface.


You can follow Ghostface for more updates on Twitter.

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Hopefully Def Jam doesn't leave these for dead like they did the last couple Ghost releases...

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When did he say he was working on Supreme Clientele 2?


referring to this interview:

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