Ghostface: “I had December 4 for the longest.”

    Anyone who may have thought it odd for the new Wu and the new Ghostface to share a release date is not alone. Ghostface himself has expressed anger via MTV’s Mixtape Monday and Miss Info’s blog that, while his album Big Dough Rehab has been slated for a December 4th release for some time, the Wu-tang Clan’s new album The 8 Diagrams was pushed back to the same day. He is quoted on MTV’s website as saying, “I had December 4 for the longest. But the Wu album, brothers was kinda late on doing whatever they were doing and pushed it back…on my date.” Ghost asserts he is not angry with the “regular” Wu members, but hints at multiple money-related disputes with Loud, RZA, and even claims Steve Rifikin specifically made moves to halt Big Dough Rehab. Perhaps it is Mr. Rifkin that requires big dough rehabilitation.