Ghostface Contesting “Iron Man” Lawsuit, Seeking Royalties From Universal

    As we reported last month, Ghostface Killah and Sony Music are being sued by the writer of the “Iron Man Theme.”  Jack Urbont, because Ghostface used it on his Supreme Clientele album without clearing it first. And according to Billboard, the rapper and label aren’t about to take it lying down. Their attorneys apparently spoke before a federal judge last Friday to ask that the case be dismissed because “Urbont’s allegations are barred by statutes of limitations.”

    They then stated that if Urbont is really so diligent with finding out who ripped off his music, then he would have done this earlier considering Supreme Clientele dropped in 2000. According to Billboard, “the defendants want to know how Urbont … failed to learn about [the] songs in question until just recently. Being an octogenarian without a fondness for hip hop isn’t a proper excuse against objecting in a timely manner, they say.”

    Universal lawsuit

    Ghostface is also in court for different reasons related to his membership to the Wu-Tang Clan. Billboard reports that the rapper is suing Universal Music Group for a breach of contact. He is claiming that the music company holds a 25 percent stake in the Wu’s songs, and not a 50 percent stake as has apparently been maintained. As such, Ghostface is looking to make up the difference he allegedly deserves. You have to imagine that if he wins this case, dude could get a pretty substantial check.