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Grillz for cheap?

Via AllHipHop
Attention all comedy writers everywhere: just stop what you're doing. Whether you're crafting skits over at SNL, supplying Conan with jokes, or trying to break it on your own on the standup circuit, forget about all your hard labor. It's worthless. Because you can't create shit this funny.
Paul Wall is introducing a line of his signature grillz (if you spell it with an "s", you're an ignorant chump) for the financially burdened. Because if you're already low on money, why not waste some more on glorified braces?
Final note of hilarity: Wall is selling these cheaper models under the name "Ballin' on a Budget."
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Paul Wall

You know, I give props to Stephon Marbury, b-ball cancer though he may be, for his line of inexpensive kicks. I'm not quite sure I can talk about Paul Wall helping out the children in quite the same way...

Eric Solomon

Are these Grills made in America? I don't want no grill made in some Chinese sweatshop. I like to keep my bling shit SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.

Joey Headset

Thank God! Finally I can get cheaper grillz cuz that shit ain't cheap. Fo rizzle

Eavvon O'Neal

Yes young man, you can get your false teeth for a very inexpensive rate. Its just spectacular.

Adrian Covert

For cheap? How much do the real one's cost?

Kevin Henriquez

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Joey Headset

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