Gerry Rafferty Dead At 63

    CBC News has reported that Scottish artist Gerry Rafferty died today at age 63 in his England home following a long illness. While no specifics on the cause of his death have been released, he was an alcoholic for much of his life and suffered from liver failure last year.


    Before striking out on his own as a solo artist, Rafferty was successful with two bands — the Humblebums and Stealers Wheel. The latter of those is of course most famous for “Stuck in the Middle,” which became perhaps even more popular years later thanks to Quentin Tarantino using the track in Reservoir Dogs.


    Rafferty than gained more fame in 1978 with “Baker Street,” which many of you likely know for its saxophone solo by Raphael Ravenscroft. Following that track and “Right Down the Line,” though, he began to fade into obscurity as a result of subsequent singles and albums not performing as strongly. His last official release was 2000’s Another World. It was his eighth solo record.


    Stream a video of Rafferty’s “Baker Street” below.