George Michael Talks About Latest Car Crash


    Someone should really confiscate George Michael’s driving license. The singer has twice been found unconscious at the wheel of a car, and has blamed his marijuana use for his problems. Michael was banned from driving for two years in 2007, but now he’s back behind the wheel and back in the headlines.


    His car hit an articulated lorry in England on Friday (August 14), causing Michael to be quizzed by the police. He was released without charge after the incident, and has subsequently explained what happened. “Neither of us was charged because we were both stone cold sober,” he told the BBC.


    “We both think the other is to blame so this is just an insurance fight, “ he continued, before alluding to his previous misdemeanors: “I don’t want my fans or my family worried by what they are reading all over again.” Michael recently signed a book deal to write his memoirs, which should prove to be fascinating reading.


    [via NME]

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