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George Michael Jailed For Driving While Stoned

George Michael Jailed For Driving While Stoned

Singer George Michael, best known for British group WHAM!, tight jeans and trying to have sex with an undercover cop in a bathroom, was sentenced to eight weeks of jail time for wreckless driving under the influence of cannibus. The singer was arrested on July 4 for smashing his Range Rover into London photography store Snappy Snaps while reportedly high as all fuck. Yes, someone snappy snapped a photo of the wreck.


At press time, the nearest confirmed stoner in proximity commented, "Dude, that's weird, because weed makes me a better driver. I'm super paranoid of the cops and shit while I'm blazed, so I obey the rules. Hahaha."


Michael, 47, will serve the first half of his sentence in prison, while the remaining four weeks will be served under probation.



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