George Lucas Weighs In On The Sale Of LucasFilm To Disney

    The internet may still be in a frenzy over the news from yesterday about LucasFilm being bought by Disney. The most important takeaway from all this isn’t just that the Star Wars universe has been reinvigorated — it’s that we’ll only have to wait less than three years to see the start of another Star Wars trilogy. 

    Some people might be worried that this just represents their beloved film franchise sinking further down from the high place it once had. However, after the prequel films from last decade, it’s safe to say that the series has nowhere to go but up. 

    Most importantly, George Lucas won’t be directly involved. 

    According to MTV News, Lucas has released a YouTube video explaining his decision and clarifying some points about the acquisition. Apparently, he’s been planning on getting out of the movie business for some time, and while he’s always been steadfast in his resolve to make only the prequels and nothing more, he still saw the possibility for further installments. 

    In his own words, Disney “could go on making Star Wars for the next 100 years.” As long as everything is executed properly, that could be just fine.