George Lucas Plans To Donate All LucasFilm Sale Money To Charity

    It’s easy for people to get up in arms about things they love. For instance, it wasn’t so long ago that anyone who was knowledgeable about software and internet browsing thought Bill Gates was the Antichrist. Say what you will about Microsoft’s role in technological development, but Gates and his wife have given so much money to charity that it’s hard to have negative feelings toward him. 

    The same needs to be said about George Lucas. 

    In the span of fifteen years, Lucas has gone from a beloved figure in cinema to one of the most reviled characters in entertainment. Whereas once he was seen as a visionary, now he’s looked at as a hack. 

    However, the latest news about him is actually rather heartwarming and makes him seem like a much better guy in the grand scheme of things. According to, Lucas has announced that nearly all of the $4 billion he’ll receive for his sale of LucasFilm to Disney will go to charity. 

    Lucas isn’t a stranger to such donations. In the past, he’s endowed over a million dollars to his alma mater, as well as quite a bit of money to cancer research charities and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

    The point is that the time to forgive George Lucas has come. Sure, he swung and missed with the prequels, and yes — he’s gone back and changed some aspects of the beloved original trilogy. But those are just movies, and the money he’s going to give away will help so many people that sniping at him (especially after he’s relinquished control of Star Wars) just seems petty.