George Lopez At Least Partially Responsible For Weezer’s ‘Hurley’ Cover

    People have been searching for who to blame for Weezer’s horrible Hurley cover, and we very well might have a winner: comedian/marginal talk show host George Lopez. See, Lopez had Jorge Garcia and Weezer on as guests a little while back, and the photo that was taken for the cover was taken backstage at Lopez’s show. Here’s what Hurley had to say:

    “I went to do the George Lopez show [‘Lopez Tonight’], and I think they were doing two or three shows that night, and [Weezer frontman] Rivers [Cuomo] was a guest in the previous show. So they came and knocked on my door and said, ‘Hi,’ and wanted to get a picture with me, and I thought that was awesome. We chatted briefly, and that was it,” he said. “And I didn’t hear until a couple months later that they wanted to put me on the cover … I didn’t realize it was just going to be that same picture we took together, cropped down to my face. When I look at the picture, I notice that there’s something going on with my hair, like it’s starting to come loose or something. But I’m happy with it.”

    I think I’d more concerned with being the face of an album that is probably going to be the worst. But whatevez. But best part:

    Garcia, who cites Bon Iver, M. Ward and the New Pornographers as some of his favorite acts, said he’s always been a casual fan of Weezer (“I don’t recognize Maladroit so much,” he laughed).


    Nice. No one recognizes Maladroit. Though I’m hoping he meant that he only likes Weezer’s old stuff. Wait, maybe not. Maybe he only likes “Beverly Hills,” in which case, boo Hurley. [MTV]