George Harrison: 10 Covers To Remember Him By

    Nine years ago today the world lost George Harrison, the youngest Beatle, to lung cancer. While he was often overshadowed by the Lennon/McCartney compositions that made up the bulk of the Beatles repertoire, George’s compositions stood out as some of the most adventurous, affecting and beloved entries in the Beatles canon, and that’s excluding his prodigious output as a solo artist.


    As evidence of the endurance and appeal of George’s songwriting, Spinner has compiled its 10 favorite covers of George songs. David Bowie, Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone are just a few of the varied group of artists who have been moved to give their interpretation of Harrison classics. It’s a pretty good list, but they totally missed Sonic Youth’s cover of “Within You, Without You.”


    The covers:


    Carlos Santana: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

    Jim James: “Long, Long, Long”

    Frank Sinatra: “Something”

    Richie Havens: “Here Comes The Sun”

    Billy Preston: “All Things Must Pass”

    David Bowie: “Try Some, Buy Some”

    Leon Russell: “Beware Of Darkness”

    Junior Parker: “Taxman”

    Dave Davies: “Give Me Love”

    Nina Simone: “My Sweet Lord” [Spinner]