Geoff Barrow Talks About New Portishead Album

    Geoff Barrow has been busy with his impressive BEAK> project and Invada label, but he hasn’t forgotten about his day job with Portishead. The notoriously lethargic band surprised everyone with the shift in intent behind Third, and they are promising further changes on their forthcoming album.


    Barrow claims work has already started on the record, which is being conceived during a time when the band is without a label or a publishing deal. He said the new project will come “from a different angle” to anything we’ve heard from Portishead before, and claims they have “big plans” for the band,


    “We’re going to start writing and if all goes well it could be (out) in a year’s time,” he said. “That would be the most perfect thing to do.” People are likely to regard such words with skepticism—Third endured a mind-bending 11-year gestation period—but Barrow’s swift call to arms with BEAK> suggests he has learned to work faster in recent times.