Geoff Barrow Discusses New Portishead Album

    No one is expecting a quickie follow-up to Portishead’s Third after the 11-year gap that preceded that record, but Geoff Barrow has been talking about a new album after recently signing a new record deal. “I’m writing for Portishead through July and August and I just want to bang on, get another record out,” he said in an interview on 6 Music.


    “We’ve broken the mould of what people expect from us,” said Barrow, in relation to the already released “Chase the Tear” track. The new record deal is rumored to be with Universal, although the Portishead mainman didn’t confirm this. “It’s with people we really trust – the biggest record company in the world,” he said.


    Barrow also has some duties to fulfill with his side project BEAK>, including an appearance at ATP New York in September, although the band’s recent appearance at Glastonbury at the same time as an England World Cup match apparently led to them “playing to about four crazies.” That mystery new record label will be hoping for a wider audience for the new Portishead album.


    [via The Guardian]