Geggy Tah Sues Pharrell (and Clipse) for Plagiarism

    Thomas Jordan of Geggy Tah, Greg Kurstin’s pre-Bird and the Bee pop band that was signed to Luaka Bop, has sued Pharrell Williams for plagiarism, claiming that Clipse’s “Feel Like Me” rips off Geggy Tah’s “Whoever You Are.” If you listen to the Clipse song at the 1:05 mark and the Geggy Tah song at the 47 second mark, they certainly do bear more than a passing resembelance.


    But here’s where it gets tricky: “Feel Like Me” is a track on Clipse’s Exclusive Audio Footage, their Arista debut that was shelved indefinitely in 1997, leading the Clipse to remain in limbo until the release of their 2002 debut, Lord Willin’. Technically, the song was never released–it was leaked to the Internet in 2007. So I wonder what kind of back royalties you can get for that.


    Here are the songs so you can compare:




    [via TMZ]