Garbage Definitely Reuniting, Close To Finishing New Album

    Last year, it was reported that Garbage, one of the few female-led bands to crack the charts in the era of rap-rock, were mulling a reunion. Well, that’s been confirmed, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the band talked about trying to have an album out next March or April. The interview is pretty candid–in a way that young bands usually can’t be–as it touches on their label woes. Here’s what they said about labels, read the whole thing here:

    “We got dumped on a label who did not give one flying fuck about us,” she says. “And it just became a very joyless process. Something that should be really incredible, exciting and adventurous became like a noose around our neck. And we sort of turned in on each other as a result, I think.” Once the quartet was free of industry shackles, they were able to get back to making music. “We got together with no agenda other than to just jam a little bit, fuck around and see what we came up with and it was inspiring,” Vig says. “With nobody putting any pressure on us, the songwriting started to happen really quickly.”