‘Garage Bar’ Is Zach Braff’s New Comedy

    Zach Braff has had a strange and interesting career arc. He started out as the main character on a quirky NBC comedy that didn’t seem like it would last very long. However, after building a cult following and endearing itself to viewers, Scrubs became a long-running staple of the last decade. 

    Added into that mix was Braff’s debut as a filmmaker. Garden State became a cultural touchstone for a brief period, mixing an indie music soundtrack with a film about alienation and finding one’s direction in life. However, despite the success of that picture, Braff hasn’t been heavily involved in direction since then. 

    However, IndieWire is reporting that he seems to be getting back into the act. His new show will be called Garage Bar, and Braff will write, direct, produce and star. The focus will apparently be on a group of friends who have to come to terms with an old buddy who has found enormous success as a pop star and needs to grapple with his newfound fame. There’s no word yet what the soundtrack will be like, if it will include music by The Shins or if it will change your life once you hear it.