“Gangnam Style” Dance-Off Results In Chaotic Shoot Out In Bangkok, Thailand

    Who would’ve thought that the international hit “Gangnam Style” by K-pop idol PSY would erupt to more than just classy men dancing cheesy.

    It was reported that at a club in Bangkok, Thailand two rival gangs were having a “Gangnam Style” night. What began as just a dance off turned into a feud which eventually led to an argument. And when two rival gangs begin to argue, that usually leads to bad news. In the end, a shootout began with around fifty bullets flying.

    The Bangkok Post described the action:

    “Four people from the group returned at 6am and fired several shots into the sky. I tried to mediate and they agreed to leave … Three of them later returned about 8am and they sprayed bullets in all directions like in action movies. I and other people there were running for our lives.”

    Police Lieutenant Colonel Apichart Thongchandee stated that no one was injured. But during the argument and dance off he stated that he “thought the issue was settled but the other group refused to end it and they decided to fire at us while we were unprepared.” This serves a lesson to the Lieutenant Colonel and many fans of the “horsey dance” just as to how powerful it really is. 

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