Gang of Four joins Wire in post-punk heavy Offset Festival

    Apparently, Essex’s Offset Festival was made for great men. Despite recent claims of losing their rhythm section, Gang of Four will be performing in full force at the fest. They will be headlining along with Wire, a band with whom Gang of Four is frequently mentioned in the same breath. In fact, if you read some music histories, you may believe that there was a band called "Wire/Gang of Four."


    Recently departed (?) Gang of Four bassist Dave Allen blogs at, and so far there have been no posts on the fest. The question still remains, however, just how broken up Gang of Four actually are. Allen’s reasons for the breakup was his focus on new media, views of the crumbling music biz, and his inability to commit to the band full-time. All that means that we shouldn’t expect to see any full-blown Gang of Four tours, but we may see the occasional spot set every now and then.


    Wire, on the other hand, is still going strong, with a recent massive performance at South Street Seaport and a new album coming out later this month.