Gang of Four becomes Gang of Two

    If you missed out on seeing the reunited Gang of Four when they last rolled through town then you may be in for a long wait to see them again. Drummer Hugo Burnham and bassist Dave Allen have quit the band, with the latter issuing a statement on a website (Pampelmoose) that he is affiliated with.

    Allen states: “I find myself conflicted about how the band’s new music should be released. To retain any credibility for about what the future of music distribution will look like, I have to move on and not hold back Jon and Andy’s music plans.”

    Is this the first instance of Web 2.0 breaking up a band? What happened to the good old “musical differences” excuse? While Allen grapples with his conflict over music distribution, singer Jon King and guitarist Andy Gill are continuing with the group. Allen even previewed some of the new Gang of Four material on Pampelmoose at the end of last year.