Gang Gang Dance Releasing New EP, ‘Latitudes’

    Way back in November 2008, Lizzie Bougatsos from Gang Gang Dance told us about an EP the band had recorded at Southern Studios in London. “It’s about 20 minutes of music. It could be less — it’s a limited-edition thing,” she said. “It’s called Latitudes, and they invite a lot of musicians to record for just one day at the studio, and you have to make it there and finish it there. But Gang Gang couldn’t do that, because our drummer wanted to take it home, and he was overwhelmed with the whole thing.”


    That EP is finally getting a release almost three years after it was actually recorded, and will be available from Southern on August 2. Only 1,000 hand numbered rubber stamped CDs and 1,000 vinyl copies (700 black, 300 white) will be released, and the 15-minute long track is titled “Amorphous History (Closing Seen).” For more details, including a particularly florid press release, or to order Gang Gang Dance’s contribution to the Latitudes series, head over to this link.