Game Says Tyler The Creator Will Be On ‘R.E.D. Album’

    The Game’s epically delayed R.E.D. Album is allegedly out on Aug. 23, according to the L.A. rapper, maybe, finally, putting an end to speculation on what was holding the album up. Now that the album has a release date, Game has started talking about who will be featured on the album, and he’s claiming a doozy: He said that Tyler, The Creator will be on a track called “Martians vs. Goblins.” 


    “He ain’t really doing features for nobody. He feels like fuck everything and I don’t blame him either,” Game explained. “It’s a California thing, and I got respect for him and his hustle and what they’re doing and just being kids and being rebels for the cause. And he respects me for doing what I did for California and the West Coast, I guess. I met him at a Diddy concert and we chopped it up and we got a song called ‘Martians vs Goblins.’ It’s dope.”

    Game has clearly never met a rapper he can’t try to attach himself to. This ought to add more fuel to the fire of a rumor that Tyler and his OF peeps have been secretly signed to Interscope all along. But as is the case with most things related to the Game, we’ll have to wait and see what is bluster and what is real. Until then, watch “Red Nation.” [CoS]