Fyre Festival’s Ticket Holders Are Given the Option to ‘Let it Ride’ for Next Year’s Event

    Fyre Festival organizers propose the option of obtaining 2018 VIP passes instead of a refund

    Fyre Festival

    After Fyre Festival’s harsh truths were revealed, organizers Ja Rule and McFarland scrolled quickly down on to the next thing to save every penny for next year’s festival. The catastrophe that turned out being social media’s biggest joke, made the duo act immediately so they wouldn’t have a hard time finding guests for 2018.

    The organizers decided to give ticket holders the option to forgo refunds in exchange for VIP passes, with extra ones too, for a second chance to create an image that could actually relate to its marketing campaigns.

    It was just yesterday that emails began to be sent out to ticket holders. The emails made them fill out a multi-page application and adding the following:
    “Would you prefer to exchange your 2017 ticket(s) for additional 2018 VIP passes, as opposed to receiving a refund? (Ex: If you purchased 3 passes for 2017 you would receive 6 total 2018 VIP passes.)”

    It continues, “As you likely know, we’ve been through the ringer on social media and this has been a challenging week for us as we were unable to realize our dream on the first try. We are now one of the world’s most famous festivals, for all the wrong reasons. We want to reverse that sentiment by producing something amazing. We are fully committed to this event next year, and to producing it in the most professional way, with experienced professionals. We have received support and commitments from several musicians to perform at next year’s event,”there was no specification on which musicians.

    It just makes me wonder, VIP at a ‘VIP event’, where does that leave room for general admission?

    After failing the attempt for attendees to have an unforgettable experience, Fyre Festival’s organizers have decided to take on the step of obtaining a larger audience and a more promising adventure as the email wraps up giving two specific options;

    A.)“Yes, let it ride. I’d love to support you all in creating something amazing!” or B.) “No, I’m not down for the adventure.”

    Only time will tell whether the festival gets option A or B. As of now, the world is still talking, which just leaves me thinking how any press is good press.