FX Comedy ‘Wilfred’ Renewed For Third Season

    Wilfred, that show about the guy who talks to a dog who everyone else sees as just a dog but he sees as a guy in a dog costume (Got that?), will continue its trippy, raunchy run on FX.

    According to Indiewire, the comedy has been renewed for a third season, with some changes to its staff. David Zuckerman, who adapted the show from the Australian series it’s based on, will be replaced as showrunner by current writer/producers Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne. Zuckerman will remain executive producer.

    Nick Grad of FX said, “David Zuckerman has done an amazing job adapting and reconceiving Wilfred for FX. It was his decision to step down from the Showrunner’s post, but we’re happy he is going to stay involved in the show.”

    The series stars Elijah Wood as Ryan, who’s been compared to Jimmy Stewart’s character in the classic film Harvey (in which a man sees a large imaginary rabbit). Ryan’s neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, appears to him as actor Jason Gann in a dog outfit and gives him life advice. And of course there’s also some pot-smoking.

    This is another success for the constantly growing FX, which boasted excellent ratings for the recent premire of American Horror Story‘s sophomore season.