Future of All Points West Festival in Doubt


    The All Points West Festival, which has been staged at Liberty State Park in New Jersey for the past two years, looks like it may be under threat. As the amount of festivals grows bigger every year, it seems the organizers of the event, who also stage Coachella, are having trouble snagging headliners with a significant pull.


    “There is no question that our biggest challenge is finding suitable headliners, and it has been more challenging this year than in the past,” said Mark Shulman, a talent buyer for AEG, who is charged with assembling the APW lineup. “No final determination of any kind has been made for 2010.”


    This has naturally led to speculation about the future of the event, and Frank Riley of High Road Touring, who represents Wilco and Feist, suggests we won’t be cramming into over-stuffed ferries and heading out to New Jersey this year. “Without a clear headliner in place at this point, it seems unlikely that the festival will take place in August 2010,” he said.


    [via New York Times]