Full Grown Man Has 15 Miley Cyrus Tattoos

    If you are wondering what in the hell you are staring at in the photo above, it’s Miley Cyrus, on a grown man’s arm. The depiction is horrifying, but what might be even scarier is the fact that this is only one of 15 tattoos he has of the young pop starlet. The other 14 include autographs, lyrics, song titles, and her name on various parts of his body.

    Known in the Twitter world as @MileyCyrusCarl, this UK native has shaped his world around the singer and has been following her since she was a toddler (creepy!). His profile bio says “Miley Cyrus u are a miracle. I love you so much x nobody is more beautiful & talented & sexy as u. I have 15 tattoos of u! There’s an angel in LA xxxx”

    Ugh, gives me the willies, so I can only imagine how poor Miley feels! Can you say restraining order? Thank goodness this guy lives on the other side of the Pond!