Fucked Up At Work On ‘David Comes To Life’ Follow-Up

    Between dropping February’s 37-minute “Year of the Tiger” twelve-inch and extended bouts of touring, Toronto hardcore greats Fucked Up haven’t exactly been stagnant since last year’s mammoth masterpiece David Comes to Life. But this, news of a new album, we didn’t quite expect just yet. “We have 40 songs that we have to chop down,” guitarist Mike Haliechuck recently told MTV Hive. “They’re more loose, more punk-sounding. I think the plan for this record is to make it a little bit different. It could very well just sound like all the other records but I think we’re going to experiment more with different instruments.”

    There’s currently zero talk of a title or artwork for the new LP, and the interview says that Fucked Up aren’t even yet sure whether they’ll be working with Shane Stonebeck, David‘s producer, on it. Still, just the thought of 40 new songs — or any new material — from this band should verily excite modern hardcore’s most hardcore fans.