Fruit Bats Prepare The Ruminant Band

    A single suborder Magchiroptera, within the order Chiroptera…oops, sorry, wrong kind of Fruit Bats. The ones we’re concerned with are based in Seattle and make records full of sunny, sparkling folk-pop. When they began doing that, back in 2001, it was hipper to come on all garagey and call your band The Zaps or The Jabs than it was to make warm, tuneful, acoustic-based music with a pop heart and an expansive mind. The times, however, have caught up to the Fruit Bats in time for the release of their fourth album, The Ruminant Band, which is set to emerge from the Sub Pop environs on August 4. Now that the likes of Fleet Foxes have readied the world for the kind of summery-but-smart sounds the Fruit Bats make (true fact: another name for Fruit Bats is Flying Foxes), it’s likely that Eric Johnson and his merry men will be embraced more heartily than ever. And just in case you were wondering — even though Johnson went and joined The Shins sometime between this album and the last one, he remains committed to the Fruit Bats, so they’re back to stay.


    Track listing;


    Primitive Man

    The Ruminant Band


    Beautiful Morning Light

    Hobo Girl

    Being On Our Own

    My Unusual Friend

    Singing Joy To The World

    Blessed Breeze

    Feather Bed