Friend of Faux: PETA Praises Lily Allen

    PETA loves celebrities. Today, the animal rights organization gave a golf clap to Lily Allen for having the courage to come forth and announce her beloved fur coat is a fake. It seems that Allen, whose recently released sophomore effort, It’s Not Me, It’s You, celebrates the excesses of fame, has nonetheless kept her moral compass oriented towards the helpless minks and seals of the world. 


    In a public address, Michael McGraw of PETA stated : :We were suprised to see Lily Allen Wearing what appeared to be fur coat because we know her to be a big animal lover. So we were thrilled when she confirmed on Twitter that it was indeed faux."


    The characteristically cheeky Twitter post read," My coat isn’t real fur, but it was bloody expensive. Cover me in pain and I WILL send you the bill."


    No word yet on whether Allen has addressed the other ethical pitfalls of the garment industry. [Angry Ape]