‘Friday Night Lights’ Keeps Showing Up In Mitt Romney’s Speeches

    Campaigns in the United States are long, grueling affairs. Speechwriters and PR flunkies probably burn themselves out during their best years trying to come up with things for their candidates to say on television and to crowds of people. So it’s no wonder they often resort to cribbing from popular culture when they think they can get away with it. 

    Mitt Romney’s campaign is actually getting away with a lot. 

    A few weeks ago, it came to light that the Romney campaign was quoting from the NBC football show Friday Night Lights. Posters and speeches by the G.O.P. nominee included the phrase, “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” which was often repeated by the series’ coach before games. 

    Both creator Peter Berg and star Connie Britton have expressed displeasure at Romney’s use of the phrase, saying they and the show are not aligned with his politics. However, the former governor is at it again, according to Vulture. He recently used the phrase again at a campaign stop in Iowa, although at least this time, he acknowledged that it was from Friday Night Lights.