The Most Frequently-Banned Wedding Songs, Revealed

    Every year around this time, when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming to a borderline-invasive extent, many bright-eyed young couples find themselves preparing for the most important day of their lives thus far: their wedding day.

    Though the ‘June wedding’ is often lauded as the pinnacle of betrothal scheduling, it’s no secret that the entirety of summertime is dense with engaged hopefuls meticulously planning, organizing, calling, and reserving their way to happily ever after. Some put finding a suitable cake at the top of their to-do list, some find themselves hung up on the search for the perfect dress, but for others (my future self likely included), music is priority number one.

    When approaching the topic of what to play at a wedding reception, DJs and hired bands are not only given instruction as to what songs to play, but also, quite frequently, what songs are strictly forbidden. After all, nearly everyone has at least one ditty that they simply cannot bear to endure (not to name names, but you know who you are Crazy Frog), so it comes as no surprise that some would rather take preemptive steps to prevent such songs from popping up and raining on their marital parade. That’s just keen foresight.

    Thanks to a highly-scientific study survey of hundreds of experienced wedding performers (conducted by FiveThirtyEight), we now have a comprehensive list of exactly which tunes are most likely to be blacklisted by newlyweds on the happiest day of their lives. Whether it be because they are too overplayed on the radio, encourage dance moves that are too awkward to watch, or are simply just too cheesy is a matter of speculation.