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Free Snoop Dogg Gig Banned in the Netherlands (Of All Places)

The Hague's sadly no home for Snoop D-O-double-G as the Netherlands city has banned the Doggfather from headlining a June 27 festival gig.


According to Reuters, the mayor of the Dutch city, public prosecutors and the police have asked organizers of the Parkpop festival, billed as the largest in Europe, to find a replacement for Snoop "in order to be able to guarantee the open and friendly character and free admission of Parkpop."


A spokeswoman for organizer Ducos Productions, tells the news service, "This is all very annoying that the headliner is being removed from the programme 10 days before the event." We guess they'll just have to extend fellow performers Nick Lowe and Juliette Lewis's sets at the event then. Snoop, though, is still scheduled to perform at a sold-out conference at Amsterdam's "Melkweg." [via Billboard]

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