Free Live EP From Delay Trees

    I once lived in the opposite end of the country. The name of the place is not important as how it influenced one of the most critical decisions of my life. As someone who thrived on the indie music scene, this particular place was downright depressing. One time, I drove nine hours straight to a sold out show; back then, most of the bands on my favourite list, would not venture down to where I had been unintentionally stationed. Eventually, I had enough and drove across the country with whatever belonging that would pack into my Honda CR-V to distance from the miasmatic environment. Though I still have to make few trips now and then, where I am now, is a nice compromise.

    Just as geography can be a significant source of despondency for a music fan, the same could be said about the musicians. Finland’s indie music scene is gradually gaining momentum, yet not every band can just pack up their gear and show up at SXSW or other festivals they have been invited to play. Such is the story of Delay Trees, who could see the Statue of Liberty beckoning, after the release of their self-titled debut LP on an American label, Friendly Fire Recordings, and one of their songs, “Gold”, was used in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in 2011.

    More than a year later, after the release of their second album, Doze, the dream pop quartet has not been able to fulfill their fans’ wishes who live outside of Finland. As a consolation for not being able to come to your town, Delay Trees has a four-track live EP available to download. The opportunity came about last month when their friends, who ran a media program, needed a subject for their students to practice live audio and video recordings at Kino Wanhakop. Though I did travel all the way to Finland to see them in concert, Live in the Woods 2013, makes me wish I could have been there.

    Stream the live recordings below or get your free copy HERE and watch couple of live videos. Well done, students!