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Fred Durst To Star In New CBS Sitcom

Sometimes the decisions of TV bosses can be mystifying, but CBS may have just delivered some of the weirdest scheduling news of all time. Yes, Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst has signed a deal with the network to star in a new sitcom titled (wait for it) Douchebag, in which he plays, well, a douchebag. If the glove fits, Fred…

The basic premise sounds like a sicom version of The Osbournes, with Durst starring as a “rock legend” who tries to balance his duties as a musician with his family life. Durst has form as an actor and director of course (check out his filmography here) but this is a big step away from his other works. I wonder if Prefix’s Drew Millard is revising his view on Durst in light of this news? [via Vulture]

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