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Fred Durst to direct Ice Cube in inspirational sports drama

Limp Bizkit frontman and nookie aficionado Fred Durst is in negotiations with producers to direct a film starring Ice Cube based on an inspirational true story. No seriously, I'm not kidding, Fred Durst is going to direct a movie starring Ice Cube! The film is going to be based on a poor Illinois town and its unlikely star quarterback, 11-year-old Jasmine Plummer. She leads her local Pop Warner football team, the Harvey Colts, to the Pop Warner Super Bowl and inspires the town to reclaim its former glory, reconnect with estranged relatives, kick its debilitating prescription pill habit, etc.
Says Durst of the film: "The lead was an 11-year-old African-American girl ... It was a tough sell." Really? Tougher than selling yourself as the director? OK, Durst has directed a few of his and other bands' music videos as well as a feature that has made a few festival rounds called "The Education of Charlie Banks" (anyone seen it?). Could he become the Rob Zombie of overwrought drama?
Durst, Ice Cube play ball in sports drama [Reuters]
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Ice Cube

Uhhh...I think this has to be false. How could Fred step out of the frame for one microsecond? Also, R. Kelly is the Rob Zombie of overwrought drama, because he's trapped in the closet.

Mike Burr

I'm hoping that Durst will play the opposing team's evil coach, who yells a lot, makes his players beef up on muscle-enhancers, smacks his stepson across the face in one scene and is just in general a bad guy.

Joel Michael Cusumano

Jasmine Robinson is extraordinary and can play the role of the 11 year old very well! Kid Nation's, Jasmine Robinson, airs on CBS on Wednesdays, 8pm, SHe is really to for cast for Mr. Durst and Ice Cube. She is actor/singer/dancer. Extremely Talented and looking for a role! view, to see.

Michelle Flowers

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