Freak-Folk Godfather/Deerhoof Inspiration David Garland Plans Album

    They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, and if there’s even a shred of truth to that old adage, then veteran singer/songwriter David Garland should warrant a pretty lofty assessment. Not only has Garland’s recent avant-folk output included participation from people like Sufjan Stevens and Diane Cluck, but his latest album, whose title and release date have yet to be revealed, is yet another all-star assemblage of talent. This time around, Garland has enlisted the contributions of legendary U.K. psych-folk troubadour Vashti Bunyan, Vetiver/Espers drummer Otto Hauser, and Sufjan collaborators the Osso String Quartet for his upcoming idiosyncratic opus, on which he is said to be “putting the finishing touches.”


    Not surprisingly, given Garland’s steadfastly iconoclastic aesthetic, Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier has recently revealed that the former’s music has been a significant influence. Saunier specifically cites “Golden Years,” from Garland’s Togetherness album, recently remastered and reissued. “This song was a big help for me in trying to formulate my own song style, just as Deerhoof was about to start,” he says. It’s a good bet there’ll be plenty more to captivate adventurous ears on Garland’s new release; more info as it arrives.