Franz Ferdinand: Ulysses (streaming)

    BBC Radio 1 debuted the new Franz Ferdinand single “Ulysses” yesterday, and it’s now streaming on the band’s MySpace site. Much has been made of the group’s possible excursions into electronica on forthcoming third album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, but “Ulysses” is mostly a loose-limbed funk-rock track that follows in a similar vein to past Franz triumphs.

    A few squelchy synth noises  emerge at odd points in the song, and singer Alex Kapranos demonstrates his fine falsetto. The highlight is a strident funk breakdown about 40 seconds in, which sounds a little like the main riff from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” It bodes well for Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, which is due for release on January 27, 2009. Click here to hear “Ulysses.”