Franz Ferdinand Turn Down Fast Food Deal


    Franz Ferdinand are no strangers to allowing their music to be used to sell you crap, but even they have limits. The Scottish group reportedly turned down a lucrative deal that would have found their Tonight song “Bite Hard” (above) end up in an advertisement for a taco fast food joint (I’m guessing Taco Bell), because it “didn’t seem right”. 


    Here’s what frontman Alex Kapranos had to say about the deal:


    “They asked if they could use our song Bite Hard and I think the idea was people were going to be biting into their chili enchilada while the song was in the background. It would be like going to McDonald’s or something like that. It just didn’t seem right.”


    So, for the record:

    Shilling for electronics companies= Okay

    Shilling for taco joints= Selling out

    [Angry Ape]