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Frank Zappa’s wife on protecting Frank's legacy

With news of Courtney Love selling off everything related to Kurt Cobain, and the Presley family doing away with whatever credibility Elvis had left in the bank, it’s refreshing to read a story in the L.A. Times this weekend that profiled Gail Zappa, wife of the deceased Frank, and the incredible lengths she’s gone to keep Frank’s legacy pure.


"Let me say it in the simplest way," Gail Zappa said. "My job is to make sure that Frank Zappa has the last word in terms of anybody's idea of who he is. And his actual last word is his music."


To that end, Gail Zappa has become a vocal advocate for artists' rights. The wife of the late musician-composer Frank Zappa, she has been keeping watch over not just her husband's image and brand but his legacy. Despite what people might think, her dogged efforts are not about erecting razor-wire around all things Zappa but protecting his memory.


Gail has gone through some battles in the 15 years since Frank died—often with record label chiefs over royalties-- and making sure Frank’s music is presented in the way he intended. She also reveals that the Zappa Foundation currently has over 40 bootleg and re-release projects in the works. For the full story, click here.  

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Frank Zappa

Elvis Presley Enterprises and CKX are going from strength to strength. Elvis will soon have his own Cirque Du Soleil Show in Vegas and this will tour worldwide until at least 2021. There is also an Elvis themed casino being built on the strip. Elvis is releasing his first 'Duets' album next month featuring christmas songs with female country superstars. In 2009 another 'Duets' album is scheduled and this time it will feature male and female superstars from all genres of music. A TV Special will also be utilised to promote the album.

As regards credibility no-one is more popular than Elvis.
His image is everywhere from soap operas to Hollywood Films. His image is even featured in the latest Batman blockbuster.

You cannot compare Frank Zappa with Elvis Presley. Elvis was and remains a global superstar.

Brian Quinn

Good for Gail. It's nice to see a celebrity widow who isn't a succubus. Courtney Love has made a mockery of Kurt's death and should be ashamed of herself both as a person and a mother.

The Grinch

I think you can compare Frank Zappa with Elvis Presley, not that I care to. All that you can say about EP is his timing, he was simply the first to market for the white audience with the huge resources of an electrical company behind him. Otherwise he was a musical pigmy.

Deepinder Cheema

I have to agree; Elvis didn't write songs and imitated the way black people sang. He was an interpreter rather than an artist. Zappa was another Mozart or Beethoven born too late.


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