Frank Ocean Pens New Letter To Fans: “I Was Falling For Someone New”

    When Frank Ocean writes a letter to his fans on Tumblr, it’s a pretty big deal. The last time the R&B star addressed his fanbase back in July, he opened up about his sexuality, subsequently providing one of music’s biggest talking points of the year. His new letter isn’t as headline-worthy, but it’s still a pretty interesting read.

    Jumping rather erratically from subject to subject, Ocean touches on wanting to write a novel about twins and even start a car club, his desire to move to New York or Tokyo, eating brunch in the rooftop restaurant in Lost In Translation, “possibly” losing all interest in religion and his recent studio session with Pharrell and Jay-Z, who he pictured as “old friends.”

    The channel ORANGE crooner also addressed the topic of love, stating that he “was falling for someone new, if I already hadn’t. It was incredible. It was ridiculously awesome. It came and went and maimed us a little.” He later added, “All I have to really say is that love is all there is.”

    You can read the letter below.