Frank Ocean Highest-Ranked Musician On AskMen’s ‘Most Influential’ List

    Frank Ocean‘s 2012 has been nothing short of exceptional. The polarizing R&B talent opened up to the world about his sexuality, touching hearts worldwide and nullifying taboo—very much so in hip-hop culture—for generations to come, and subsequently released his debut album, channel ORANGE, to almost unanimous acclaim. It’s all been duly noted by AskMen.

    The lifestyle website has ranked Ocean at No. 8 on their annual Top 49 Most Influential Men list, making him the highest-positioned musician on the list. The Odd Future crooner bested Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Snoop Lion, Psy and Gotye. Justifying their choice (like it was really necessary), AskMen wrote:

    A few months ago, Frank Ocean publicly announced his bisexuality. It was a gamble, as the world of hip-hop, while undoubtedly trendsetting and trailblazing, is still less than tolerant. But the attention Ocean received for his courageous declaration was turned to his critically acclaimed new album and to his powerful performances on SNL and at the 2012 Video Music Awards.

    James Bond, Usain Bolt and Bill Clinton landed the one, two and three spots respectively, so we can’t really fault that. Head on over to AskMen to peruse the full list.