Frank Black Starts Record Label

    NME reports that Pixies front man Frank Black has started a record label simply called The Bureau. The outlet will serve to release Black’s own music as well as whatever he considers “the next big new sexy thing.” Some of the label’s first releases, however, will come from Jeremy Dubs and Eric Drew Feldman, the latter of whom worked with legendary weirdo/musician/painter Captain Beefheart.

    Black says his decision to start up The Bureau came about partly because “traditional record companies find it a little overwhelming that I come up with another record every nine months.”

    And even though its head piece will now be running a label, the Pixies won’t be putting out albums on The Bureau. Black said, “Pixies will either do something really traditional, with a big old record company, or something a lot more radical. Hopefully the radical approach. But the Bureau has other things on its plate.” Really traditional or radical, hmm…sounds like it could go either way! [NME]