Fox’s ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Sued By Contestants Over Misleading Question

    Do you ever watch TV game shows and answer along with the contestants? If so, you must have come across a question that you believe you answered correctly but that the show indicated was wrong. Sitting at home in your living room (with the help of a computer in front of you), it’s easy to clarify this kind of confusion and move on. 

    But if you’re actually playing for all the marbles and stand to win a million dollars, it’s not so easy to let go. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a couple that appeared on Fox’s Million Dollar Money Drop in 2011 believes that they were mislead when the host told them their answer was incorrect. 

    The query was simple: what is the most common password people use for their computers? Andrew and Patricia Murray were sure that the correct response was ‘password,’ but they were soon told that it was in fact ‘123456.’

    The Murrays now allege that the website used to conduct the survey that turned up this answer isn’t a valid source. They’ve sued FOX Broadcasting, Endemol USA, Brigadier Productions and Apploff Entertainment to recoup the money they believed they’re entitled to.