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Fox Hot Tubs aka Green Day tour

Besides being a promising entrant in the Worst Band Name of 2008 competition, Foxboro Hot Tubs have another ace up their collective sleeve. They happen to be the musical alter ego of Green Day. Their album, Stop Drop And Roll!!! (due out in stores next week) contains a batch of punchy tunes in the garage-rock/'60s-pop mode that sound like they could have come straight off the Nuggets anthology. Truth be told, though, other than the lack of Billie Joe Armstrong's trademark sneering vocal affectations, nothing here would have sounded drastically out of place on, say, Warning, but hey, let the Gilman Street punk-pop papas have their fun. You can join in that fun when FHT hit the road for a brief string of May dates.


Foxboro Hot Tubs tour:

05.19 Little Rock, AR: Juanita's Cantina

05.20 New Orleans, LA: One Eyed Jack's

05.21 Dallas, TX: The Loft

05.22 Austin, TX: Emo's

05.25 Phoenix, AZ: Brick House

05.26 San Diego, CA: Soma

05.27 Los Angeles, CA: Roxy

05.28 Long Beach, CA: Alex's Bar

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Foxboro Hot Tubs
Green Day

make them come to england!

i cant wait anymore :'(



How about in Philadelphia, seriously.
I've been waiting for them to come here for like a year now, and have they ever came here for concerts?
I want Green Day to be my concert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any chance they'll come to Ireland?


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