Four Tet Shares His 36-Minute Debut Single, “Thirtysixtwentyfive”

    Unless you’re a completist or have been following Four Tet since the late ’90s, chances are you haven’t heard his debut single. The aptly titled “Thirtysixtwentyfive” is, yes, a 36-minute, 25-second-long piece. It’s also a continuous track, so be sure to pause it at the right moment or else you’ll ruin the listening experience for yourself. Along with still being a great piece of music, the single provides new Four Tet fans with a chance to hear just how much his style has developed over the years. Also, you would be hard-pressed to just stumble upon a copy of “Thirtysixtwentyfive” at your local record store. Amazon doesn’t even have it for sale in its digital store.


    Stream and download “Thirtysixtwentyfive” below.


    Thirtysixtwentyfive (Output, 1998) by Four Tet