Former Shins Drummer Jesse Sandoval to Open Taco Cart, “These Tacos Will Change Your Life” Joke Already Taken

    Last week, it was announced that long-time Shins members Jesse Sandoval, drummer, and Marty Crandall, keyboardist, were out of the band as James Mercer tries to switch the band’s sound up. Sandoval has hit the ground running into another project: a taco cart called Nuevo Mexico. Unfortunately, The Portland Mercury has already used the “these tacos will change your life” joke, leaving me with very few Shins-related pun opportunities. Instead, I’ll say good luck to Sandoval, and it’s seriously jacked that you got kicked out of the band for “aesthetic reasons,” because that implies that your aesthetics were cool enough for three albums, but not cool enough for a fourth. How can you improve your aesthetics? [Pitchfork]