Former Rolling Stones Guitarist Mick Taylor is Dead Broke, Hasn’t Been Paid Royalties Since 1982

    Mick Taylor, who joined the Rolling Stones during their second great wave (1969-1974) is apparently mad broke, and hasn’t been paid royalties since at least 1982, according to a sad interview in the Daily Mail. While Jagger, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and even Ron Wood have made in excess of $100 million each, Taylor lives in a less than stellar two bedroom house in Suffolk, can’t pay his utilities and relies on small pub gigs to pay the bills. Here’s a sampling:

    For years, he has refused to discuss his time as a Stone and has brushed off the two questions that have dogged him ever since: why did he leave, and does he regret it?

    Now, 61-year-old Taylor has broken his silence in an extraordinary interview with The Mail on Sunday.

    It is clear that the scruffy, two-bedroom semi where he has lived for the past 20 years hardly fits the image of a former Rolling Stone. The tiny house in a Suffolk country lane is in serious need of repair and redecoration.

    ‘Yeah, I know it needs doing,’ he said dismissively. ‘I just don’t feel up for it right now.’

    If Taylor really is the victim of not getting paid fairly, and his money problems aren’t related to the vague drug problems he described in the interview, then this is pretty sad. Dude played guitar on Sticky Fingers and he’s treated like crap. To read the whole story, go here.